Deep clean your skin and manage excess oil for clearer, smoother and healthier skin.

This solution will address concerns with oily or blemish prone skin, blocked pores, dull skin and blackheads. These problems are most common for teenagers and young adults and can also affect those experiencing hormonal changes, such as pregnancy or menopause.

  • Skin Renewal Kit

    Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel – Exfoliates skin cells revealing fresher, healthier skin and a renewed glow.

  • Vitamin C & Wild Yam Treatment – Provides a powerful combination of vitamins and botanicals to boost the skin’s antioxidants.
  • Hydra-V Skincare Regime Pack

    Hydra-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser – Effectively removes excess oil, makeup and environmental debris, leaving refreshed, healthy-looking skin.
    Hydra-V Fresh Softening Lotion – Refreshing, alcohol-free toner removes final traces of dirt and makeup while conditioning and softening the skin.
    Hydra-V Nourishing Gel Cream or Refreshing Gel – Clean, lightweight gel provides an instant cooling sensation and absorbs excess oil, leaving skin feeling smooth and refreshed.



  • Oil and Blemish Control Power System

    Intensive Skincare Advanced Skin Refinisher – An intensive ‘Smart Pore Eraser’ that visibly tightens pores for an instantly smoother, more refined look and feel.

Special Care Deep Cleansing Mask – Creamy clay mask draws out impurities such as dirt and oil as it deep cleans for less visible pores and clearer, smoother skin.
Special Care Anti-Blemish Treatment – argeted blemish treatment penetrates pores to treat existing breakouts and help prevent new ones.


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Hydration Solution

Anti-Weinkle Solution 

Lifting and Firming Solution

Pore Refining Solution