An exceptional spa experience at home.

If you’ve always dreamed of indulging in a little pampering at home with a professional-level skincare treatment, here’s your chance!

We’ve got the perfect solution for a professional spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. With the launch of the ARTISTRY TM Dermasonic Device, we are proud to take home beauty care to a whole new standard.


This one device provides the optimal way to both perform a deep cleansing treatment and to apply serum for the best results. When combined with ARTISTRYTM advanced serums from our skincare portfolio, the device allows the ultimate benefits of a serum to truly come into effect.

The ARTISTRY Dermasonic Device delivers fantastic results every time, from the very first use. The cleansing goes deep and the nourishing ingredients from water-based serums are fully absorbed, rather than just penetrating the skin’s surface. The difference is astounding, and affordable.


The science of beauty

The process is simple, but ingenious. Thanks to the two heads, the ARTISTRY Dermasonic Device offers a range of options. The Ultrasonic Blade prepares the skin for skincare products by using 30,000 Hz ultrasonic vibration, which deeply cleanses pores with bubble jets.

The second head, the DERMA ION Galvanic, provides stimulation and massage using a choice of two ion currents. The powerful cross-ion current enhances the anti-ageing effect. ARTISTRY experts suggest the following product pairings for the cross-ion current setting:

  1. LIFT (TONE) MODE– use with ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKINCARETM Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum
  2. WRINKLE MODE – use with ARTISTRY YOUTH XTENDTM Serum Concentrate

If you set the device to the direct-ion current, this will enable maximum penetration of skincare products. This sonic technology pushes active ingredients deeply into the skin, allowing you to achieve the ultimate benefits of your ARTISTRY skincare serums. ARTISTRY experts suggest the following product pairings for direct-ion current setting:

  1. VITAMIN C MODE – use with ARTISTRYTM Vitamin C + Wild Yam
  2. HYDRATE (MOISTURE) MODE – use with ARTISTRY HYDRA-VTM Vital Skin Serum Concentrate


Personalise your skincare routine

With the ARTISTRY Dermasonic Device, you have a range of options to tailor your home treatment to suit your individual need. Whether you want to tone your skin, target wrinkles, hydrate or make your skin look more radiant, the ARTISTRY Dermasonic Device will ensure that you achieve exceptional results. It’s a professional luxury you can indulge in whenever you wish!


ARTISTRY™ DERMASONIC* deeply cleanses pores using 30,000 Hz ultrasonic vibrations, while powerful Derma Ion Galvanic massages skincare ingredients deep into the skin. Price includes Shipping & Handling



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