There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right fragrance

What kind of personality do you have? What kind of fragrance would you normally choose to wear and why? The world of scents has expanded tremendously over recent decades, making it more difficult to find what’s right for you – we’re here to help you choose.

Don’t stop at one

Picking the right perfume does not have to stop at one signature scent though. There are so many factors involved in selecting the right one:

  1. your personal preferences – just bringing your nostrils in contact with a bottle of scent can be a deal maker – or breaker! We all have our individual chemical make-up too – even identical twins each have their own individual scents ! Always choose a scent you personally love and not what someone else recommends.
  2. your character – are you outgoing, introverted, confident, serious or fun? Or do you feel like your personality changes under different circumstances or in different social circles? If so, you should definitely treat yourself to more than one scent over time to reflect the chameleon in you!
  3. how you feel – if you’re tired, spraying on an uplifting, refreshing fragrance can do wonders in pepping up your day. If you’re feeling nervous, citrus and floral notes from ARTISTRY™ Flora Chic Eau de Parfum can help calm your senses. If your confidence needs a lift, something sensual – or even mysterious – can do just that. ANTICIPATE™ Intense could then be the right choice.
  4. the impression you want to exude: Do you want others to notice your sex appeal? An intense fragrance with notes that stir your passion can work magic! Do you want to enter the room with sheer elegance? A perfume with a blend of floral, subtle fruit and sea breeze notes like in ANCESTRY™ in Paris can help you feel like a chic Parisian woman.
  5. the occasions you attend – each can call for quite a different scent – an evening gala requires glamour, a first date calls for something light or romantic, and for a daytime picnic with the family, a fresh scent would work best.
  6. the time of year – even the seasons can affect your choice – the spicy fragrance you love in winter might not work on a hot summer’s day – maybe a fruity, citrus or floral scent would work better then.

Our fragrances offer a full spectrum of Eau de Parfums and Eau de Toilettes. A wonderful variety of blended notes including citrus, floral, woody, spicy, fruity and musk means there’s something for everyone, every occasion, time of day and time of year. Take a look, considering all the deciding factors that makes a scent one of your personal favourites – and help your customers pick theirs.

Für Frauen

11567 (1)


Like a walk through Paris’ legendary Les Jardins De Bagatelle, ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC seduces your senses with citrusy notes of French Clementine and the softness and sweetness of precious Bulgarian Rose, followed by calming and exotic relaxation properties of the Ylang Ylang Madagascar essence. Floral and feminine, enchanting and chic, ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC empowers you to charm the world around you.

  • Prestigious perfection. ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC features a carefully crafted floral blend that has been carefully and painstakingly evaluated, refined and perfected by expert perfumers.
  • Enduring enchantment. ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC comes as an Eau De Parfum, which means the scent and its accompanying charm are longer lasting than with typical Eau de Toilette products.
  • Masterful perfumery. ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC was developed exclusively for ARTISTRY by the prestigious Flavours and Fragrance House of Givaudan, which has over 250 years’ experience crafting some of the world’s most sought-after scents.
  • A timeless treasure captured in a bottle. ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC comes in a beautifully handcrafted bottle that features chic pink glass, a lavish gold-coloured cap and ribbon made of raw silk. Everything about it oozes prestige, luxury and femininity at its fragrant finest.

Top Notes: citrusy notes of French Clementine

Middle Notes: softness and sweetness of precious Bulgarian Rose

Base Notes: calming and exotic relaxation properties of the Ylang Ylang Madagascar essence


Größe: 50 ml (Preis inkl. Versand) Size: 50ml. (Price includes Shipping and Handling)


ANCESTRY™ in Paris Eau de Parfum

11281The latest exclusive addition to the world of fine fragrances is the evocative ANCESTRY in PARIS, which captures all the romance of the French capital in a bottle. And when that bottle is gorgeously night-blue and gold-coloured, wearing the contents will bring nights of enchantment!

ANCESTRY in Paris Eau de Parfum for women is a subtly seductive, floral-aquatic fragrance that features the essential oil of Night Blooming Jasmine. The high concentration of the oil of this exotic flower, the scent of which can be captured only at night, ensures the perfume’s longevity on the skin. Night Blooming Jasmine has an exquisitely distinctive scent, which is complemented by the Eau de Parfum’s top notes of fresh flower bouquet, green leaf and sea breeze. These are accompanied by middle notes of peach pulp and rose, and a dry down of amber wood, white musk and tuberose, which make ANCESTRY in Paris the perfect fragrance for special nights out.

This classically modern fragrance contains high concentrations of fragrance oils, helping the scent to last longer on the skin.

ANCESTRY in Paris features the purest essential oil of night-blooming jasmine, which fuses perfectly with bouquets of fresh flowers and green leaves and sultry undertones of white musk and roses.

This enchanting fragrance, so evocative of heady nights in Paris, is further enhanced by being presented in a gorgeous, jewel-like midnight blue bottle.

Herznoten: night-blooming jasmine,, peach, Rose

Basisnoten: amber, white musk, tuberose

ANCESTRY™ in Paris Eau de Parfum

Größe: 50 ml (Preis inkl. Versand)


ANCESTRY™ für Frauen

Ancestry_for_women-BDB_RGBA powerful, feminine fragrance with a harmonic structure. Rich, exquisite with natural ingredients such as bergamot, blackcurrant, Egyptian jasmine, orange flower absolute which blend perfectly to give a unique and elegant character.

Johannisbeere, Zitrone und Bergamotte bilden eine harmonische Struktur, hervorgehoben durch Noten von ägyptischem Jasmin und Maiglöckchen, um einen Hauch zeitloser Sinnlichkeit zu zaubern. Ein Spritzer weißer Moschus und Bernstein als Herznote erzeugen eine Aura wahrer Eleganz – unwiderstehlich und raffiniert zugleich. Ein exquisites Statement zeitlosen Stils.

Top Notes:: Bergamotte, black currant , lemon, orange, mandarine

Middle Notes: Egyptian Jasmin, orange blossom, rose, peach, lilly of the valley

Basisnoten: sandelwood, Vanilla, white musk, zeder wood, amber

ANCESTRY™ für Frauen

Größe: 50 ml (Preis inkl. Versand) Size: 50ml. (price includes Shipping and Handling)


No. 1 für Frauen WISTFUL™

11270A sensual, harmonic unique fragrance featuring refreshing notes of pomegranate, zesty mandarin, freesia and delicate lotus flower. This fragrance will leave you with a feeling of warmth and peacefulness.

A composition of pomegranate and mandarin captures your senses, whilst peony and magnolia mingle together to relax and harmonise them. A tinge of dry woods and delicate lotus flower completes the bouquet to leave you with the feeling of perfect harmony and the inner freedom to sparkle. Take pleasure in the aura of WISTFUL No. 1

Top Notes: Pomegranate, Freesia, Mandarin
Middle Notes: Peony, Lotus Flower, Magnolia
Base Notes: Coconut, Sensual Musks, Dry Woods

No. 1 für Frauen WISTFUL™

Größe: 50 ml (Preis inkl. Versand) Size: 50ml. (Price includes Shipping and Handling)


ANTICIPATE™ für Frauen

11272A sensuously feminine, soft floral fragrance, embracing top notes of cyclamen, lychee and green accords, transports your senses with a blend of jasmine, rose and pink pepper to the heart of the fragrance and closing with notes including amber, vanilla and musk.

A gentle and sensual concept of cyclamen, lychee catches the senses to give you an air of softness. It seduces with a blend of lilly of the valley combined with ylang-ylang traveling through to the heart of the fragrance where it attracts with amber and a powdery musk. Here is the soul of femininity, a soft floral romance beyond resistance.

Top Notes:Cyclamen, Pink Pepper, Lychee, Green Accords, Ginger, Bergamot
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Ylang, Rose, Violet, Tuberose, Pink Pepper
Base Notes :Orris, Amber, Musk, Vanilla, Vetyver

ANTICIPATE™ für Frauen

Größe: 50 ml (Preis inkl. Versand) Size: 50ml. (Price includes Shipping and Handling)


ANTICIPATE™ Intense für Frauen

11273An intense oriental fragrance that sparkles with blackberry and crisp white freesia, revealing a rich exotic blossom of oncidium (orchid) and sambac (arabian jasmine), blending soft touches of sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla for a lingering warm sensuality.

Accentuate the passionate side of your soul with this oriental and rich bouquet where blackberry and crisp white freesia form intriguing elements of desire. Hints of exotic arabian jasmine and orchid tease and seduce, blending with touches of sandalwood and patchouli, to hypnotise the senses that touch the strings of the passion within you. An air of warm and rich sensuality will surround you.

Top Notes:  white freesia, peach, blacckberry

Middle Notes: Orchid, ArabianJasmin, lilly of the valley

Base Notes: sandelwood, amber, patschouli, vanilla, musk

ANTICIPATE™ Intense für Frauen

Größe: 50 ml (Preis inkl. Versand) Size: 50ml. (Price includes Shipping and Handling)


Für Männer


sportA dynamic new energising fragrance for men that unveils a blast of invigorating citrus notes on a blend of spicy black pepper and hawthorn, travelling through to intensify the vibrant notes of amber combined with the manliness of cedarwood.

Top Notes:: rose pepper, Jungle Essence, mandarine, watermelon

Middle Notes: amber, white wood, musk, zederwood-essence oil

Base Notes: musk, zederwood, amber


Größe: 50 ml (Preis inkl. Versand) Size: 50ml. (price includes Shipping and Handling)


OPPORTUNE™ Premium Eau de Toilette


OPPORTUNE Premium is an exquisite Eau de Toilette created for today’s first class man.  Long lasting on the skin presented in a modern bottle, OPPORTUNE Premium will appeal to the more sophisticated man.

OPPORTUNE™ Premium is a composition which plays on the duality of hot and cold. Spicy and warm with pepper and with citrusy cooler notes, OPPORTUNE Premium provides the perfect combination of hot and cold, reflecting the complex characteristics of the modern man.

This fougère fragrance contains highly concentrated fragrance oils, helping them last longer on the skin.

The most outstanding benefit is the exclusive extraction technology, which allows the delivery of fragrances that are a perfect reflection of the original.

The state-of-the-art Jungle Essence™* extraction technology allows OPPORTUNE Premium’s spicy notes of Pink and Sichuan Pepper to be derived straight from nature.

The smart bottle with an elegant metallic finish and the combination of ice blue glass with warm orange lettering perfectly complements the duality of the fragrance itself.

*Jungle Essence is a trademark of V. MANE FILS, Société anonyme

Top Notes:: bergamotte, mandarine, hawthorn

Middle Notes: geranium, black pepper , rosemary

Base Notes: musk, zederwood, amber

OPPORTUNE™ Premium Eau de Toilette

Größe: 50 ml (Preis inkl. Versand) Size: 50ml. (price includes Shipping and Handling)



Aqua Eau De Toilette HYMM™

men’s perfume with notes of salt and a distinctive sea water aroma, which creates a long-lasting feeling of freshness.

What It Does For You

  • scent of freshness with energizing citrus and aquatic notes
  • Freshpure and stimulating
  • Contains highly concentrated fragrance oils, helping it last longer on the skin

Why You Would Like It

Aqua Eau De Toilette HYMM is a contemporary composition inspired by the ocean with natural simplicity and authentic masculinity. The fragrance opens with a splash of Sea Water accordenergizing Grapefruit and Lemon. The heart reveals a natural, authentic and marine freshness with a blend of Sea SaltLavender and Violet Leaves. The base of Patchouli, Lorenox™* and Cedarwood enriches the creation with a casual masculine sensuality. Let your instincts be awakened, feel the freedom and long-lasting freshness.

*Lorenox is a trademark belonging to Mane Fine Fragrance House.

Key Features

  • creates a long-lasting feeling of freshness,
  • thanks its content of highly concentrated fragrance oils it lasts longer on the skin,
  • handy bottleperfectly fits to HYMM Toiletry Bag.

How To Use

  • Spray Aqua Eau De Toilette HYMM on your skin – into the elbows or around the neck, where it will be released as you move.
  • For a longer lasting aroma, spray the fragrance on your clothing. As you move, the smell will be refreshed, giving you a small burst of scent throughout the day.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.





Facts For You

  • Aqua Eau de Toilette HYMM was developed exclusively for Amway by the French prestigious Mane Fine Fragrance House.
  • Our fragrance is the result of blending a mix of raw materials extracted using traditional techniques and technological knowledge.
  • The fragrance includes an exclusive component – Lorenox™*, which adds depth, and leaves a warm, masculine woody trail.

Aqua Eau De Toilette HYMM™

Größe: 50 ml (Preis inkl. Versand) Size: 50ml. (price includes Shipping and Handling)


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