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 These tips will help you breathe more comfortably both inside and outside your home

It won’t be long before the flowers bloom, the leaves turn green and the days grow longer. Spring is right around the corner and while the transitioning of seasons can signal a welcome change, we can also anticipate another, not-so-positive change: the beginning of the allergy season.

Allergy is the most common chronic disease in Europe, according to the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. There’s been a dramatic increase in the number of allergy sufferers in Europe, and the academy estimates that by 2025, half of the EU population will be affected by allergies. Itchy eyes, stuffy noses and constant sneezing can make our lives uncomfortable, but there are ways to mitigate these effects. If you know from past experience that allergies hit you hard every year, doctors recommend you take allergy medication a few weeks before your symptoms usually start. Here’s more advice for easing your allergy woes when you’re outside or at home.

1. Check the weather online

Meteorology websites aren’t just for checking the general weather and temperature. They can also give you information about the local pollen count, what’s pollinating and how windy it is. Checking this can help you adjust your day accordingly. For example, if it’s a windy day with a high pollen count, it’s better to wait to wash your car until the conditions change.

2. Cleanse with saline

If you’re not a fan of medicated nasal sprays, one natural technique is a saline wash. Studies aren’t conclusive, but some experts suggest running a saline solution through your nasal cavity can help unblock passages, clear out allergy-causing irritants, restore moisture to dry sinuses and soothe inflammation in your nose’s mucous membranes.

3. Clean the floors

Rugs and carpets can trap pollen and other irritating, microscopic particles. Be sure to vacuum regularly. Your entrance areas are also popular places to collect pollen, so clean your patio or hallway too. If necessary, wear a mask over your nose and mouth when you clean.

4. Leave your shoes outside

Related to the third tip, kindly ask your guests to slip off their shoes before entering your home. Leaving your shoes at the door will help prevent allergens from travelling into your rooms.

5. Buy an air filtration system

Pollen and environmental pollutants can reach your living space in different ways; for example, when airing, with your pets or when you hang your laundry out to dry. However, with the Atmosphere Sky ™ air filtration system, you can remove allergens and pollutants from the air that you breathe in your home. The Atmosphere Sky air filtration system removes 99.99% of all particles up to 0.007 microns in size and eliminates more than 300 airborne pollutants flowing through the unit.

Why let allergies get the best of your day-to-day living? With just a few smart changes, you can minimise the effects of the allergy season on your wellbeing so you can live a more comfortable life.

The better the quality of your air, the better you can breath

The Atmosphere Sky ™ air filtration system is one of the best investments for your home. This air filtration system removes allergens and pollutants from the air such. As cooking odors, mold spores, formaldehyde and animal hair.

Air Purifier Atmosphere Sky™

Advanced filtration for the effective removal of airborne allergens, pollens, chemicals, odors, bacteria and dozens of viruses. What It Does For You Three-stage filtration for maximum air purification. Removes 99.99% of particles from the air as small as 0.007 µm (microns). Effectively eliminates 130 invisible airborne contaminants. Removes reduces cooking and pet odours, as well as cigarette smoke. Fast, effective and easy-to-use home air filtration. Why You Would Like It With the development of the Atmosphere Sky™ Air Treatment System, the scientists and engineers have created the high-performance but energy-saving home air filtration system. Advanced technology, premium design and powerful filtration bring efficient and discreet air purification into your home. Atmosphere Sky’s unique three-stage filtration system effectively removes 130 contaminants from the air, including allergens, pollens, chemicals and dozens of viruses; eliminates also unpleasant odors around. Take back control of air quality and fight invisible air pollutants, as small as 0.007 μm (microns), around-the-clock. Facts For You • Atmosphere Sky offers one of the market’s highest Clean Air Delivery rate at 500 m3/h. • One unit is able to reduce 80% of air pollution in a standard room* in just 10 minutes. • The Unit performs at a noise level of 30 dB(A) at lowest speed – will not disturb or disrupt everyday life. • The unit has earned the U. S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification: delivers high energy efficiency with low power consumption. *20 m2 size room. (Preis includes Shipping & Handling)


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